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Outsource Your On Site Convention To Us And Spend Your Time Talking To The Decision Makers Who Send You Business

Your time is too valuable to be sitting at a convention booth all day.

We can provide the following services:

1. ON SITE PERSONNEL - Provide On Site Personnel to tell your story at the booth. All personnel will be dressed in the style and types of clothes you want for your market.

2. CASH MACHINE KIOSK - Cash Machine to attract customers. Your convention attendees can go inside the machine, and catch promotional items from your company. The cash machine is a telephone booth sized inflatable kiosk that fits at your booth.

3. LIMOUSINE SERVICE - Got customers that you need to entertain after the convention? Leave the booth and get into one of our executive limousines.

4. LEAD CAPTURING - Use our "E-Online Raffle" software, and have your potential customers sign up for gifts and promotional items. After the convention, you will have all of their contact information.  We can forumlate a plan based upon your industry and convention.

5. TECHNOLOGY ON SITE - We can provide computers with air cards for your customers to see your web site and products.

6. MARKETING MATERIALS - Pens, coozies, water bottles, etc. You get them at the booth, and we will handle giving them all out to attendees.

7. SET UP AND BREAK DOWN - Don't lift a fingers. Spend your time with the decision maker.

8. WALKIE TALKIES - We have walkie talkie to stay in constant contact while on the floor.

Send an e mail to the manager on duty and we will help you plan your event.




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